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by: Teresa Elliott | 09/25/2015
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Project: BKC Project in Mumbai

Dawn Digital Pvt. Ltd. and Godrej Properties Ltd.


Dawn Digital, Pvt. Ltd., wins visualization award in the Autodesk 2015 Excellence in Infrastructure competition for the Godrej Properties BKC Project in Mumbai, India. Artist: Manoj. Post Production: Deepu

Visualization becomes a pleasant odyssey for the client – from concept to execution

Godrej BKC in Mumbai, a commercial property developed by Godrej Properties Ltd., is a class-A Mumbai Office Building with the perfect architecture for a modern business. Dawn Digital played along the poise of functional and aesthetic building design and created a flythrough accentuating on the explicit lines of the development, with seamless integration of the scenes. It has been  coupled with a vivid background music. The angles, lighting, textures, lifestyle and mood chosen for the images were also selected to underline the perfect environment for building a successful business that framed the development into a striking work of art. With balanced skies and speechless colors, they created a magical air to the architecture showcasing a metropolitan flavor of the project.

Godrej - BKC-1-smaller

BKC Project in Mumbai Artist: Manoj Post Production: Deepu

Upon completion, the 1.3 million-square-foot Godrej BKC will be one of Mumbai’s most desirable business addresses. The design features 19 floors of modern office space. SOM, the project architect, designed the space to meet the needs of businesses now and into the future. Developed by Godrej BKC in partnership with Jet Airways, the building’s owner is the Godrej Group. The building will serve as the corporate headquarters of Jet Airways, India’s second-largest airline.

Dawn-Digital_Godrej - BKC-3-smaller

BKC Project in Mumbai Artist: Manoj Post Production: Deepu

Godrej BKC’s all-glass façade will provide natural daylight and views of the booming city of Mumbai. With high-performance glass and other energy-saving features, the building is designed to reduce heat and radiation. The building has been pre-certified LEED Platinum.

The team decided to adopt a model-based workflow, and engaged Dawn Digital to provide visualization and simulation services. Visualizations created by Dawn Digital brought to life the details of the building and surrounding areas, and helped the team better understand the design. To capture the experience of the building post-completion, Dawn Digital developed a futuristic, near-photorealistic model of the project. It features detailed views of the exterior that highlight the striking façade. Rendered to include exact textures and other minute details, the 3D model can be rotated in any direction. Encompassing the surrounding area, the 3D model illustrates how the building will appear in the context the city as a whole. It also takes viewers inside the building. For instance, a marketing movie of the model flies viewers through the entrance to the building and guides them to a typical office space—complete with desks, computers, and chairs.


Godrej - BKC-4-smaller

BKC Project in Mumbai Artist: Manoj Post Production: Deepu

 The model even shows the rooftop garden and how the building will appear as night falls on the city.


BKC Project in Mumbai Artist: Manoj Post Production: Deepu

Dawn Digital is one of the world’s leading 3D Architectural Visualization Company of over 220 creative and sassy individuals with their presence in India, Vietnam and Hong Kong. As a boutique studio operating in the realm of digital graphics technology, we aim to evolve into a leading global visual creative solution provider. Through our cutting-edge 3D modeling, 3D animation walkthroughs, 3D renderings, scale models, panorama, 360-degree surround photography and AVs, we give shape to your imagination with our spectacular visual solutions and stupendous creative concepts.  From copywriting consultants to Architects, 3D & post production specialists to interior designers, we at Dawn Digital are equipped with a team bringing their own specialization and perspective to the table. This unique set up enables us to use 360-degree approach to deliver every project. Our team is focused on successfully delivering a wide range of visual solutions.

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