COWI uses BIM on E16 road project

by: Bobby del Rosario | 10/04/2014
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Company: COWI

Owner: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Project: E16 Road Project

Location: Oslo, Norway

COWI uses a 3D model of existing geographical conditions connected to the cloud, to plan and visualize the new E16, a 4 lane, 32 km long highway in the east of Norway. The E16 is the single biggest contract for a road project The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has ever announced. The project contained three major deliveries: The area plan, technical plans and a 3D-model.

With this project it was a challenge to coordinate and convey the large amount of data regarding the existing conditions.  Creating 2D maps, augmented by 3D visualizations require several hours to complete.,  It takes significant time to keep track of information from multiple sources and it is very difficult to convey project details to people who have less engineering experience. This makes communication difficult and in some cases leaves too much to the imagination.

Still in the preliminary design and zoning plan phase of the project, COWI is using Autodesk InfraWorks 360 for visualization and planning.  “Before InfraWorks 360, there wasn’t any feasible method of bringing together and visualizing existing condition information for large infrastructure projects. It has been a ‘eureka’ experience,” Frode Geir Bjoervik, Project director, COWI.  Listen to the COWI team talk about this project.

COWI uses the 3D project model in communication with the client. At regular sessions, the COWI team presents its work by conducting a fly-through of the model. Based on the customer feedback, they modify the design, with changes applied in real time during meetings. Everyone on the project team—including the client—has both instant and continuous access to the latest, updated model through InfraWorks 360.


“Maintaining the model in the cloud has proven helpful. The client can inspect a view‑only version of the model at any time. Another benefit is continuously syncing my work with contributions made by other team members. The cloud makes it easier to work together, ” Gjermund Dahl, BIM coordinator, COWI.


Read the entire case study here.

See more videos: COWI – E16 Project Overview and COWI – E16 Project Flythrough

COWI wins Visualization award in 2014 Excellence in Infrastructure Competition.  Awards are presented at Autodesk University each year.








For more information on the Excellence in Infrastructure competition, visit

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