See it. Model it:Step into a design project-part II

by: Teresa Elliott | 12/09/2014
Estimated Reading time: 2 - 2 minutes

OWL digital viewfinder for public outreach

IMG_0157In the first ‘step into a design project’ post, I talked about presenting projects to an audience in a way that allows you to better tell a story. Think gaming industry meets civil engineering again.

OWL is a public, outdoor virtual reality viewer that shows the future or history of a place. Designed for city planning departments, property developers, corporate marketers, historic sites, parks, or anyone needing to tell a compelling visual story about a place, OWL offers an immersive visualization experience that helps everyday people connect deeply with their surrounding environment.

IMG_9706Aaron Selverston, CEO – Owlized spoke about OWL projects at the Infrastructure Symposium and at the Experience Infrastructure Event at AU2014 – all activities were meant to help you better understand the value of 3D modeling and think of new ways you could add value to your business by engaging your senses and experiencing the infrastructure around you.



See the full video here: http://








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