See it. Model it: Design it.

by: Brett Casson | 10/27/2014
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The design and construction of transportation and building projects have never been more complex, and these two sectors have been at the pointy end of the innovation stick. Understanding site conditions are not only a necessity for projects, but something that ultimately reduces risk.

Let’s take the example of a robotic total station. A marvel of technology and measuring technology. But what if we could achieve measurement and capture on a scale that a total station could not even dream of just by using a GoPro camera?


Cue Autodesk ReCap 360. Using this service we can utilise the images that the GoPro and other cameras take and turn those images into point clouds and/or 3d polygon models. Photogrammetry has been around for decades, however ReCap 360 not only utilises standard images taken from standard consumer cameras but it also uses the elastic computing power of the cloud. Its cheap and efficient technology.


I was able to capture this site in around 40 mins using a standard consumer quadcopter and a GoPro camera.  Ok so what if we want to capture sites even faster?  Cue Autodesk ReCap 360..again. What if we took the same technology and strapped it to a car?

Well being me, I have.  I am still tweaking the methodology and the setup of the car, but here are some of the results.  This is more of a ‘what’s possible’ at the moment, but clearly this is the direction of the technology.

The end game of all of this data is efficient design, and that is where Autodesk InfraWorks 360 steps in.  InfraWorks 360 can bring together all of this real world data and enable the design to rapidly realize all options for the project.  The next digital frontier is here and who knows what’s next.  We may in the near future be able to do all this with a mobile phone.

Still not convinced?  Don’t take my word for it, take Google’s word.  See you next time #scantheworld.

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