1300 miles of roadway and hazelnuts

by: Bobby del Rosario | 07/02/2015
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Answer: A $35m roadway project including more than five miles of new/improved rural and urban roads, extensive drainage features and a five-lane bridge spanning a railroad.

Question: What is the 124th Avenue extension project located in Washington County, OR?

“Great! So, what?” you might ask. Well, as a civil engineering professional, you may just be interested to learn more about this project directly from David Evans & Associates.

preliminary design

Preliminary design in context of existing conditions with InfraWorks 360

Preliminary design in-context of existing conditions

David Evans & Associates, Inc. (DEA) is a recognized leader in the design and management of complex transportation, land development, water resources, and energy projects nationwide. Over the course of a three-part webcast series hosted by Autodesk, Dan Iliyn, Civil Engineer with DEA, will share his team’s experience delivering on the 124th Avenue Extension project.

For the project, Dan brought together technical and engineering expertise on roads and highways with preliminary design approaches in order to better communicate with internal and public stakeholders. The goal: increase understanding about the project challenges, speed decision-making, and deliver the project successfully.

In these presentations, Dan will provide a view into the challenges his team faced in this project. He’ll discuss how they incorporated more real-world, in-context preliminary design approaches and how that benefited their project workflows. Then, Dan will discuss how DEA plans to take these tools beyond visualization for their project workflows.

The 124th Avenue Extension Project Webcast Schedule

Part 1: The Preliminary Design Process July 23, 2015

Part 2: Challenges to Overcome August 20, 2015

Part 3: Future Decisions September 17, 2015

To learn more and register for these webcast events, click here.

We hope you’ll join us!

Oh, and about that 1300 miles and nuts….well, Washington County in Oregon takes care of about 1300 miles of roadway, almost 200 bridges, and over 3000 culverts.  Also, Oregon is the only state that has an official state nut: the hazelnut.  Two reasons why we are nuts about Oregon!

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