Let’s Do This Together: Developing InfraWorks 360 with the User Community

by: Eric Chappell | 08/11/2016
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The software world sure has changed. Remember when new product versions came out every few years, not just from Autodesk but from everybody? And during that time between releases nobody really had any idea what to expect? Sure there were beta programs but they were comprised of a select group, there by invitation only.  Well times have changed and it’s now becoming the norm to develop products in plain view of the people who will use them, even ask their input during the process.

Our InfraWorks 360 product team at Autodesk has adopted this philosophy and has begun the practice of publishing the product roadmap: what they’re developing and planing to develop for the coming releases.  Traditionally, this would be highly unorthodox – a company wouldn’t dare allow the competition to know what they’ve got coming or give the public any expectations that they might not be able to deliver on. But we’re all growing up and realizing that we can make a better product if we do it together with the most important people involved: the people who use the product.  And if the competition can see what we’re working on, even more reason to develop our tools faster and smarter (i.e. aligned with what our users want) so that we can stay ahead of the game.

Sarah Cunningham, InfraWorks 360 Product Manager had this to say about sharing the product roadmap:

“Feedback from more customers tells us how InfraWorks 360 is doing and, more importantly, how we can improve it. Sharing product roadmaps broadly and publicly is a big deal, because I think there are many more people than we currently reach who want to know what’s coming and maybe even influence our plans.”

So if you’re an InfraWorks 360 user or if you’ve been keeping an eye on it but haven’t dived in yet, visit the product roadmap post and share your comments. You’ll be helping Autodesk make a better product, helping yourself and other users get the tools they need, and maybe even influencing Sarah’s plans.

Go to the product roadmap post

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