JSON Man Wins InfraWorks 360 Design Slam

by: Bobby del Rosario | 12/22/2015
Estimated Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes

Mr. Awesom (aka Christopher DuBois, VHB) mustered all his InfraWorks 360 superpowers to trip him up.  The Facilitator (aka Mark Kauffman, Parsons Brinkerhoff) pulled vodka out of his spandex.  But nothing got in the way of JSON Man (aka Brian Hailey, CAD-1) winning the inaugural InfraWorks 360 Design Slam at Autodesk University 2015.

The theater was packed to capacity. Supporters of our three superheroes did not disappoint.  They came to cheer, and cheer loudly, to spur their hero on.  The excitement electric.  The atmosphere fun.


In the end, JSON Man prevailed.  Not being satisfied with his performance, in his post Slam interview JSON Man said: “I was honored to battle against opponents of such high caliber! Only thing I regret is forgetting to add a round-a-bout to my design!”

What a competitor!


Mr. Awesome was more reflective: “As I sit, relaxing in the Awesome Cave, I’ve had the ability to reflect on the events of the InfraWorks 360 Design Slam.  All superheroes are trained to expect the unexpected, but this mystery surrounding this event threw me for a bit of a loop.  There are so many wonderful tools to use and 15 minutes just wasn’t enough time for me to use them all.  If I had another shot at it, I’d focus on my stadium layout instead of my parking lot.  I’d use a coverage area and shape my terrain to create the Awesomeness that a Las Vegas Stadium should have.  Add in some pedestrians and pedestrian friendly features, throw in a couple of buildings, so a visit to the Stadium can be an everyday event.  I’d even use a design road to develop my camera, as time was of the essence.  Thank you for allowing me to compete and finding worthy superhero opponents.”

The Facilitator was unavailable for comment.

Who will be our superheroes for AU Las Vegas 2016?  You have time to prepare.  You may be our next InfraWorks 360 Design Slam winner!  Take InfraWorks 360 for a spin, discover your super powers and get ready to take down the competition.  YOU may be the AU Las Vegas 2016 InfraWorks 360 Design Slam Super Hero!!!

Take note, AU Las Vegas 2016 will be held on November 15-17 at The Venetian Hotel.  Mark your calendars.  Start your training.  Get ready for the InfraWorks 360 Design Slam 2016!

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