InfraWorks 360 Quick Start Webinars–Now Weekly!

by: James Wedding, P.E. | 05/17/2016
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Last week, we went live with a four-hour Quick Start for InfraWorks 360 webinar. Proposal-InfraWorks360
We had a great turn out, and even more people that e-mailed, tweeted, or send FB messages asking when we’d do it again. Now we have a full schedule of events, and I’m happy to share.

These sessions will be running every Thursday through June, we’ll take a week off for the 4th of July US Holiday, and then we will start the cycle all over again. So, what’s on the horizon? I’m glad you asked! Check out the full list below. Select the date listed in any session and you’ll be taken to the registration page for that date.

Quick Start for InfraWorks 360 (Dates and RegistrationThis four-hour interactive session will be a hands-on chance to familiarize yourself with the InfraWorks 360 toolset. We’ll cover:

  • UX
  • Settings & Options
  • Building a Model
  • Basic Analysis
  • Drawing Tools
  • Road Design
  • Bridge Design
  • Drainage Tools
  • Animation and Rendering Tools
  • Sharing and Collaborating

Land Development Workflows for Infrastructure (Dates and RegistrationThis two-hour session will be a  walk-through of using the full suite of Infrastructure solutions to deliver land development projects. Starting with initial site review and selection and ending with exhibits for public hearings, we’ll cover these topics:

  • contextual-stackSpace Planning and Preliminary Analysis
  • Customizing Styles
  • Rules Sets for GIS Data
  • Design Layout Tools in InfraWorks 360
  • Passing Preliminary Design to Civil 3D
  •  Lot, Pond, and Parking Layout back to InfraWorks 360
  • InfraWorks 360 as part of the QA Process
  • Drawing Overlays in InfraWorks 360
  • Using Revit Models in InfraWorks 360
  • Sharing Your Design with Stakeholders

Survey & Reality Capture Workflows for Infrastructure (Dates and RegistrationThis two-hour session will be a walk-through of using the full suite of Infrastructure solutions to understand existing conditions. Working with InfraWorks 360, Recap 360 & Civil 3D, we’ll cover:

  • Expanding on Model Builder data with GIS Information
  • Best Practices for Site Capture with UAV
  • Processing UAV data using Recap 360
  • Adding Survey Control to Recap 360 data
  • Adding imagery and models from Recap 360 to InfraWorks 360
  • Using the Point Cloud Processing Preview in InfraWorks 360
  • Bringing Survey Data from Civil 3D to InfraWorks 360

Transportation Workflows for Infrastructure (Dates and Registration) This two-hour session will be a walk-through of using the full suite of Infrastructure solutions in Transportation focused projects. Working with InfraWorks 360, Revit, Structural Bridge Design & Civil 3D, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding Existing Conditions
  • Expanding Models with GIS Data
  • Road Layout Tools
  • Exploring InfraWorks 360 Component Roads
  • Corridor Optimization
  • Profile Optimization
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Moving Bridges from InfraWorks 360 to Revit and Structural Bridge Design
  • Line Girder Analysis

These webinars are open to anyone that wants to know more about Autodesk Infrastructure solutions. Check out the Quick Start session to get your hands dirty with the tools, and then explore the Workflow sessions to see world applications of the tools. I hope we’ll see you there!



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What about those who can't attend the webinar (due to time zone difference)? Would you be posting a recorded session? 

Hope you got that option. :)



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