Quick Spin Sessions for InfraWorks 360

by: Bobby del Rosario | 05/06/2016
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Let me tell you about a new old way to work with InfraWorks 360.

(This article is posted on behalf of James Wedding, Autodesk Customer Solution Specialist)

This week, I visited the Autodesk offices in Boston and Manchester to meet with my team. The Boston office in the drydock area is brand new, so new that there are maps in the reception area. Yes, paper maps, so that you can find the conference rooms, the coffee bar, the coat closet. All the things you know are in there somewhere, but you still need a little guidance to make your first few visits go smoother. My teammate and I laughed a bit at the idea of a paper map (I mean, come on, this is Autodesk! Paper? How pedestrian!) but we quickly remembered all the greatness of just being able to fold it up, stick it in your pocket and go. To be honest, I really liked finding the robotic espresso machine without bothering my colleagues.


The view from the new Autodesk Boston Office.

So, why a long story about paper maps? Cause sometimes, you just need a map. Sometimes, you just want to sit with someone and learn from them live, asking questions as you go, playing a little bit as you learn something new. Sometimes, you know what you’ll find but you just want a little live guidance to help you orient. And sometimes it’s not an office you’re figuring out, it’s a new piece of software.


Not everything in the office is new. I think this manhole has been here quite a while.

It’s time to get a little old school with InfraWorks 360. Over the years, Autodesk has hosted Quick Spin classes at AU and at regional events throughout the world, but now we’re bringing them live to you at your desk. Starting next week, we’ll be hosting an ongoing series of live training events for any and all to attend virtually. Starting May 12th, we’ll be hosting weekly sessions on InfraWorks 360 covering these topics:

  • Quick Start Training for InfraWorks 360: An interactive four-hour session designed to orient you in the InfraWorks 360 environment and explore the toolset that is available. This will be a hands-on class with time to explore the toolset yourself.
  • Infrastructure Workflows for Existing Conditions: This will be a two-hour session covering reality capture options and workflows for bringing reality to your InfraWorks 360 model including smoothing the surveyed data-Model Builder surface interface.
  • Infrastructure Workflows for Transportation: This two-hour session will dig in deeper to the InfraWorks 360 toolset for Transportation, including optimization, analysis, and more detailed bridge design.
  • Infrastructure Workflows for Land Development: This two-hour session will look at land planning and preliminary design issues including working with architectural elements and communicating detailed site designs.

Now, this is a little bit new for us, and we’ll be adjusting the agenda a bit as we go. We’re going to give it a whirl though, and we hope you’ll register to join these sessions and help us orient the map.

We’ve some good Autodesk swag for our soft-launch testers and we’ll be looking for lots of feedback! Hope to see you there!

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(Posted on behalf of James Wedding, Autodesk Customer Solution Specialist)

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