Superheroes Unleashed: InfraWorks 360 Design Slam

by: Bobby del Rosario | 11/16/2015
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Autodesk University 2015.  On Wednesday, December 2nd, three InfraWorks 360 superheroes will pit their design powers, wits, and super sneaky moves against each other at the AU 2015 InfraWorks 360 Design Slam.  Will Mr. Awesome out design The Facilitator?  Or will the efficient workflow of JSON Man destroy them both?

Who will emerge the victor?

Cheer your superhero to victory at the InfraWorks 360 Design Slam.  Tune in to the AEC: Infrastructure Booth at the AU 2015 Exhibit Hall on Wednesday, December 2nd at 7:30 p.m. 

Let’s meet your InfraWorks 360 superheroes.

Mr. Awesome (aka Christopher DuBois, VHB)

Mr. Awesome and InfraWorks 360 started working together in the winter of 2014 and quickly became friends.  It could be the way it processes multiple data resources in multiple coordinate systems, the way you can quickly and easily modify preliminary designs on the fly, or the quality videos it is able to produce in only minutes.  Once they finished that first project together, they knew that they were destined to be more than just friends.

Young Boy Dressed Up as a SuperheroHumble and slightly eccentric, Mr. Awesome seeks out cool projects to work on, creates visual opportunities in new markets and shapes attitudes of project managers towards visuals, all while using his handheld vector modulator.  On the scene of his latest project meeting, we asked bystander Little Jimmy what he thinks of the new superhero in town.  “I once saw Mr. Awesome pitch a softball doubleheader AND meet his project deadlines!  He also saved a puppy!”

His super strategy: “I’m replacing their mice with those old, gummed up roller ball mice some of us still have in our desk drawers!”

His slogan: “Your project.  Our Future.”

Who wouldn’t want to be like Mr. Awesome!

The Facilitator (aka Mark Kauffman, Parsons Brinckerhoff)

Holy InfraWorks 360 love affair!  HUUUGGGEEE, tracts of land…that’s all it took to spark the  affair between this superhero and InfraWorks 360.  With all the years getting into scrapes and wrangling out them in InfraWorks 360 models, The Facilitatsuperhero childor is confident he has one too many tricks up his spandex tights for the competition to be of any concern to him.

His super power: “Lots of Vodka.”

His slogan: “Helping the world to get s@#$ done!”

Will The Facilitator have the juice to emerge victorious?  Will he be your Dark Knight?!?

JSON Man (Brian J. Hailey, P.E., CAD-1 Inc.)

Our last superhero has 17 years experience in the Civil Engineering realm.  But that’s not all, he has an earth shattering desire to NEVER use a marker on a printed set of plans, ever again!  He finds InfraWorks 360 “damned sexy!”  And he also finds it a lot of fun! “I get to engage the artistic side of my brain on occasion, which, as a Civil Engineer, doesn’t happen too often.”

Kid portraitTo beat Mr. Awesome and The Facilitator, JSON Man will need to execute his diabolical plan flawlessly: “I’m going to avoid the free beer until after the Slam; but, I will do my best to encourage the competition to imbibe as much as possible.”

His slogan: “Moving ideas to conception in the blink of an eye!”

Will JSON Man have what it takes to bring home the bacon?

There you have it.  Mr. Awesome.  The Facilitator.  JSON Man.  Three maniacal InfraWorks 360 superheroes who will battle it out at the AU 2015 InfraWorks 360 Design Slam.

There will be no mercy.  No quarter will be given.  Only one can survive!

You will not want to miss this battle of epic proportions!!!

Come to the InfraWorks 360 Design Slam at the AEC: Infrastructure Booth (AU Exhibit Hall) on Wednesday, December 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

Cheer on your InfraWorks 360 superhero.  This time, their survival depends on you!


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