InfraWorks 360 Design Slam: A Star-Studded Event

by: Eric Chappell | 11/10/2016
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This year at Autodesk University we’ll be hosting the 2nd annual InfraWorks 360 Design Slam. Last year’s event featured three superhero celebrities and this year we’re going bigger and crazier by inviting six rock star celebrities to the AEC exhibit hall theater. We’ll be holding the semifinal round at 12:00 on Tuesday, Nov 15th and the final face-off later that evening at 6:30.

Here is the lineup for this year’s InfraWorks 360 Design Slam:

Simon Right-of Way
By day he is Matt Wunch, BIM Manager for BVH Integrated Services and by night can be found in the clubs and dives wielding his drumsticks as Simon Right-of-Way – not to be confused with Simon Wright, drummer for iconic rockers AC/DC.

Simon Wright – drummer for AC/DC

Simon began his career as a steel drum player for a small, local band – The Integrated Engineers. As the band grew in popularity, playing gigs all across New England, Simon branched out and collaborated with musical acts like the Reviteers, The Dirty Civil Trio, and German yodeling sensation, Nävis von Clashdetection, ultimately bringing the four bands together to create The Modelers. Simon is probably best known for his quiet, introverted way of modeling, often resulting in “Oohs” and “Ahhs” from fans (and clients). Simon has since retired from the music scene and is now living the slow, uneventful life as an AutoCAD LT MAC tech support specialist. When asked about why he decided to participate in the Design Slam, Simon simply replied, “I was caught in the middle of a railroad track. I looked round and I knew there was no turning back”.

Gene Simulations
By day he is Chris DuBois, Visualization Tech Specialist at VHB and by night has been known to unleash blistering vocals and thumping one-note bass grooves as Gene Simulations – not to be confused with Gene Simmons, lead singer and marketing genius for the heavy metal behemoth: KISS.

Gene Simmons of KISS

Gene Simulations is the bass guitarist, co-lead singer and co-founder of the band K.T.S.S. (Keep The System Simple). The band has been a marketing juggernaut, focusing their time and energy on visibility and profitability. “The first thing we did after forming the band was to get a free trial of InfraWorks 360 and put this simple system to use” Gene said in his latest Tumbling Rip-Rap interview. “In almost no time we were able to run a few simulations on our first project and we never looked back. InfraWorks 360 for Life!” At this point Gene stood up and flashed an I and W with his fingers and strolled on stage where the band rocked out.

Axl Roads
By day he is Chris Hinkley, Senior Civil Technician for Wright-Pierce and by night he has been seen slinking around the stage as Axl Roads – not to be confused with Axl Rose, former singer of Guns n Roses and current vocalist for AC/DC.

Axl Rose as lead vocalist for Guns n Roses

In his early days as the front man for Infratallica, Axl was known for his soaring vocals, dynamic stage presence, and the ability to write a script that will get InfraWorks 360 to do just about anything. He began his career as an accordion player for the 4 Culverts where he quickly outshined the other members, launching into a successful solo career. He joined Infratallica to replace former singer, James Drainfield. Axl plans to use his exquisite sense of style to beat the competition using stunning visualizations and animations via the InfraWorks 360 storyboard tools.
Darius Road Rocker
By day he is Istvan Voiculescu (a.k.a. Ish), BIM/CAD Manager for the City of Austin Public Works department and by night he has been known to rock things like a wagon wheel in the live music circuit – not to be confused with Darius Rucker, former vocalist of Hootie and the Blowfish and recent solo superstar.

Darius Rucker

As the former front man for Hydro and the Profiles, he is very well known for his lead vocals and amazing stage presence. One of his most recognizable songs is “You Broke My Dam” from the album “Flood Sim City” where he shares stories about how his encounters with InfraWorks 360 have changed his life.

By day he’s known as Dan Iliyn, Roads & Highways Engineer for David Evans and Associates but by night he’s been known to melt people’s faces with killer guitar solos and bone-crunching riffs – not to be confused with Slash, legendary guitarist for Guns n Roses.


As the lead guitarist of the world renowned band “Bahns and Roads’”, Crash dazzled crowds with his screeching chords and perilously breathtaking InfraWorks 360 design roads. He specializes in jaw-dropping electric guitar solos and twisting, complicated roadway design visualizations that BOTH leave the crowds confused about which way is up. He earned the name “Crash” by developing InfraWorks 360 road designs so exquisitely complicated that one couldn’t possibly navigate them safely without getting in an accident. Crash’s wild style and knack for the unexpected are sure to keep the crowds wanting for more in the end.

Kurt Component Roads
By day he’s known as Tony Carcamo, InfraWorks 360 and Civil 3D master but by night he’s been seen in the loudest, grungiest clubs belting out his dark, haunting vocals for the alternative band Infravana – not to be confused with Kurt Cobain, former lead singer of Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain

As the front man for Infravana, Kurt Component Roads revolutionized grunge rock in the early 1990’s. Throughout his career, Kurt was known for his speedy keystrokes, amazing ability to excite the crowds with stunning render imagery and visualization, and dynamic stage simulation. Kurt Component Roads will always be remembered for one of the all-times greatest Road Styles Rules “ Smells Like Street Spirit”. Though his time was cut short, millions of users still today remember the bookmarks he left behind in grunge rock history.

Be There!
So if you’re going to Autodesk University this year, be sure to check out InfraWorks 360 Design Slam on Tuesday, Nov 15th in the AEC area of the exhibit hall. The semifinal round takes place at 12:00 noon and the final round at 6:30 p.m. (pacific time).

Not Going to AU?
If you can’t make it to AU this year you may still be able to experience this event via Twitter live broadcast. Check out @AutoCADCivil3D at the times listed above to see a live stream of the semifinal and final rounds.

Influence the Outcome
We’ll be allowing “you the people” to save one person who doesn’t make it through the semifinal round. We’ll be doing this via Twitter poll so be sure to check out @AutoCADCivil3D and @InfraWorks360 immediately after the semifinal round to vote for your choice!

Rock on!

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