Hot off presses – latest release Autodesk InfraWorks 360

by: Eric Chappell | 04/15/2015
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This time of year at Autodesk is always an exciting one as new software releases are launched. The latest release of Autodesk InfraWorks 360 does not disappoint with the addition of new features and updates to many existing features including those in the categories of drainage design, bridge design, and point cloud support.  Here is a list of what I think are some of the most exciting improvements in this latest version.

Web viewer

You can now view your entire model via the new Web Viewer. Click here for a video showing Web Viewer enhancements.


Point clouds

Point clouds can now be viewed using themes based on intensity and elevation. Click here to read about point cloud themes.


Drainage design

Here is a short list of some of the advanced design capabilities. For all features in Drainage Design for InfraWorks 360, click here.

You can now include outfall pipes and structures in your pavement drainage network. Click here to read more about drainage networks.

The new size pavement drainage tool will automatically provide sizes and slopes based on predefined parameters. Click here to read about sizing pipes.


Analyze and visualize surface drainage (capture, spread, & bypass) performance of inlets. Click here to read about performing this type of analysis.


Assess the hydraulic performance of a network using the Inspect Performance command. Click here to see how to use this command.


See all of these features at work:


Share data between InfraWorks 360 and AutoCAD Civil 3D

In case you didn’t know, our product team has been very busy expanding the capabilities of InfraWorks 360 with three updates to the software released over the past year. Click here to see what they’ve been up to since April 2014.

Why not experience all these great new features and updates for yourself! Download the trial and get started with InfraWorks 360.  Click here to download the trial.

You might also be interested in hearing how your peers are already taking advantage of InfraWorks 360. Join them in our Autodesk InfraWorks 360 Community and see InfraWorks 360 project submissions, get access to product videos and other knowledge resources.

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