Flood and Hydraulic Modeling in Infraworks 360

by: Guest Author | 11/11/2016
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Autodesk and Hydronia have partnered to release a groundbreaking plug-in for Infraworks 360. Hydronia RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation (FS) now runs within Autodesk InfraWorks 360 to complete preliminary hydraulic modeling and preliminary design within one software package. If you are not familiar with Hydronia they are the foremost respected software development company for hydraulic modeling of riverine and coastal environments.

I first had the opportunity to evaluate the Hydronia RiverFlow2D plug-in for Autodesk Infraworks 360 this spring while the software was in the Project Boulder phase at Autodesk Labs. Up until now, the workflow to complete flood and hydraulic modeling on CAD projects required coordination between multiple design packages. With the Hydronia RiverFlow2D (FS) plug-in now running within Infraworks 360, the process of completing preliminary hydraulic modeling and site analysis has been significantly streamlined.

Hydraulic Modeling for Stream Restoration and Ecological Design Projects

In the field of ecological design, it has long been awaited to have a software package that maintains dynamic links between all existing data, proposed data, and hydraulic models. The time for dynamic hydraulic modeling has now come for users of Autodesk Infraworks 360.  With Autodesk Infraworks 360 you can expect existing and proposed TIN surface models that are linked to Autodesk Civil 3D to automatically update within your Infraworks model. After completing edits in Civil 3D, re-evaluating your hydraulic model with the Hydronia RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation (FS) plug-in requires only the push of a button.

Flood Modeling for Urban Areas

The Hydronia RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation (FS) plug-in for Infraworks 360 could become the go to tool for flood modeling of urban areas. Civil site design for projects near FEMA flood zones requires accurate hydraulic modeling. As discussed, dynamic data links between Autodesk Civil 3D and Infraworks will streamline the modeling process. The screenshots below show how the combination of Autodesk’s Model builder with the Hydronia RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation plug-in creates a powerful and efficient preliminary design tool.

Product Evaluation Animations
The following video provides animated examples of flood simulations for preliminary design. One exciting aspect of these flood simulations is the fact that all data utilized for modeling can be imported with the Autodesk Infraworks Model Builder.  The Model Builder is a very power tool that works seamlessly with Infraworks 360 and the Hydronia RiverFlow2D FS Plug-in to complete preliminary design and analysis.

Hardware Requirements
The Project Boulder evaluation version of the software was tested extensively with multiple configurations of processors, graphics cards, and memory. The software has been found to be incredibly stable in all hardware configurations tested. In fact, in over 100 hours of model processing the software performed flawlessly.

Final Thoughts
Any professional requiring the completion of hydraulic modeling for preliminary site design and analysis should evaluate this product as soon as possible. The combination of Autodesk Infraworks 360 and the Hydronia RiverFlow2D Flood Simulation plug has been a long time in the making and opens up a powerful tool set. This is one of the most exciting and applicable software packages to come from Autodesk this year!

About The Author
 jasonauthorJason Thomas has been providing drafting and technical support for large scale infrastructure and ecological design projects for the last two decades. His focus is working on infrastructure design, stream and habitat restoration, and drone/UAS data acquisition projects utilizing Autodesk Civil 3D, Infrastructure Design Suite, and Infraworks 360. Currently Jason is seeking a degree in the environmental sciences with an emphasis in fisheries science at Oregon State University.


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