Congratulations Columbus, Ohio!

by: Karen Weiss | 06/22/2016
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Congratulations Columbus, you are the U.S. DoT Smart City Challenge winner!

After months of hard work and dedication by cities from across the country, the US DoT announced today that  Columbus, OH will receive $50 million in grant funding from the federal government and Vulcan, Inc. to turn the city into a test track for transportation technology, including autonomous vehicles and electric cars.

Well done Columbus!

The other six finalists cities should also stand up and take a bow. Austin, Kansas City, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Denver and Portland, OR all have innovative proposals that include mobility options that would connect residents to their cities. Before the winner was announced, all seven cities committed to continue working together to support the use of technology to address issues that all cities face, and to share best practices. Autodesk remains committed to help as well.

We look forward to continuing to work with not just Columbus, but all the cities. At the beginning of the challenge, Autodesk pledged software and support to help the seven finalist cities refine their proposals. Using InfraWorks 360 and 3ds Max, the finalists were able to enhance the communication of their ideas and bring them to life.

We were especially excited to see the teams leverage InfraWorks 360 and other Autodesk products in creative ways to bring their proposals to life. The Austin team used 3D modeling in AutoCAD and 3ds Max to add add signage and labeling to their model to better help viewers understand the grand scope and reach of their vision. The Portland team worked with local and USGS data to include local landmark Mount Hood in their model…well over  60 miles away! And the team from Columbus used 3ds Max to animate autonomous vehicles and bring them back in to InfraWorks 360 to bring some action to their proposal.

As each city’s proposal moves to the next stage of design, InfraWorks 360 can continue to be used, but this time for more than just visualization. InfraWorks 360 has capabilities to conduct analysis that could result in better decision making – including decisions on where to best locate different transportation features, assessing the potential benefits of connected vehicles, and evaluating optimal locations of mobility hubs, parking and others.

Autodesk is excited to be along for the ride and hope you all follow us on this journey with the cities.

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