What’s the BLOG IDEA?

One year ago, a whole new team of infrastructure writers banned together to take on the great work Dana Probert, Civil Infrastructure extraordinaire  created with BIM ON THE ROCKS.  Many great posts hatched since then. We are not just talking about our own posts. Much of the great content this year has come from the field and industry perspectives. 

Although this is a new site for BIM on the Rocks, we do have those archived posts here for you to access. 

And, we want to keep the momentum going.  So, what’s new? A new blog platform, categories to organize topics, and a whole bunch of new blog authors!

Blog purpose: Inform, engage and collaborate.

Inform – occasionally we will take a moment to inform you of a new release, a tip or trick or something happening such as a webcast, an event or even the excellence competition.

Engage – our writers, along with partners and customers will post topics on things happening in the industry, interesting projects, or cool technology that is changing the industry or causing some (good) disruption.

Collaborate – we will post polls occasionally and ask you to answer a few simple questions.  Or we will send you to a community site or a Linked in Group and ask that you get engaged in conversations.  We want to hear from you, to learn things about your projects, or learn about changes in the industry or with your own company/projects that you are experiencing or those changes you anticipate.

Come along, invite a few colleagues and let’s get ready for some more BIM on the Rocks!